Why and what to learn Spanish (in Latin America) for?

Why and what to learn Spanish (in Latin America) for? An adverbial answer

Spanish is one of the most ancient romance languages of human kind, it originated from Latin, as a result of social factors and historic developments that influenced the use of Latin in the specific area of the Iberian Peninsula.

Nowadays, as a result of Spanish colonization affairs in South America and the Caribbean, this language is one of the most spoken languages in the Globe with about 100 million speakers.

Its versatility, polysemy and singular elegance have made it very attractive for those who pursue to expand their cultural knowledge, enhance their professional skills and follow those intellectual paths that need the Spanish Language to be successfully walked.

The peculiarity of this article´s headline is a proof that Spanish language is not difficult per se, but it is covered with several layers of complexity falling smoothly to reveal the next step to be taken as we deepen into its learning.

Why to study it? Well, the reason for this, whereas the main or a secondary one, lays in the expectations and dreams that any human being can have. But, why to study in the Americas, that is even a more interesting question. What has this relatively new content to offer? Well, sharing Pablo Neruda and Gabriel García Marquez´s language and geographical context is certainly a privilege, especially for all those who have ever set their imagination to fly through the different contrasts of time. Time contrasts fairly used in literature and pervaded by the flexibility of Spanish language, which allows the chronological now to be yesterday and today at the exact same time, and never translates as an everlasting spring or as a life-changing love.

Our experience has been that our students come to learn Spanish in order to expand their knowledge, change their vision of the world and raise the spirit towards dimensions never explored before, and they do so in an attractive, enhancing, fun and motivating learning environment.  Besides, to be able to break from traditions and dogmas is one of the principles, that in my own experience, light the fire of creativity and development of an open thinking for self-learning. The constant practice in and out the classroom in a Latin American country also favors communication among Spanish students and native speakers and allows students to grasp deeper meanings perhaps in a more effective way than filling in the gaps with verbs correctly used (although this is also important)

What to learn Spanish for? Well that decision falls onto our learners, as it is only them who can create personal, social or professional reasons and goals to learn the language. Nevertheless, as one can never know too much, expanding knowledge is a perfect reason as much as it is to learn the deepest secrets contained in the Americas, a melting pot continent where everyone can track a bit of their own roots, whether African, Indigenous or European.

So, whatever the reasons that are driving you are, just come to enjoy this experience with us. We promise it will be full of cultural based, fun and interactive knowledge. Step by step we will lead you through a wide, full of contrast and diverse culture and will help you out to discover a brand new world laying on it.