learn spanish in havana with our neighbours

Expect to learn as much from our neighbours as our professors

learn spanish in Havana Cuba by trying it out in a real Cuba market, cafe or restaurant

We make the city our classroom

learn spanish in Havana Cuba

Spanish is not a language but a way of life

learn spanish in Havana Cuba, with a fresh approach

Have your say – our guaranteed small groups will have you talking faster

Learn Spanish in Havana, Cuba

Why Choose Our Spanish Classes in Cuba?

Fast Learning

Our goal is to get you speaking and understanding Spanish as quickly as possible

Cultural Immersion

The vibrancy and fun of the Spanish language is in the street not in a stale classroom. Through excursions and activities we immerse you in the classroom that is Havana

All Levels & Purposes

Whether you’re traveling in Cuba, are here on business, or have relocated entirely– we offer Spanish lessons suitable for all levels and purposes.

Outstanding Teachers

Our language teachers are some of the best in Central and South America. Educated at some of Cuba’s top universities and having held teaching positions in Cuba’s most prestigious learning intuitions

Our Cuban advantage

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