5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cuba Right Now

reasons to visit cuba

“This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen” Christopher Columbus (obviously, he’s never been to Hawaii) Way back in 1492, Columbus stumbled upon this beautiful island and proclaimed it the most gorgeous place he’s ever seen. And let me tell you, Columbus was not wrong. With year-round perfect weather, gorgeous beaches […]

The beauty behind the surface: A modest attempt to celebrate Havana´s 500th birthday

A Modest Attempt To Celebrate Havana´S 500th Birthday

The countdown was finally over this November. The restlessness that had been invading the city over the last three years turned into amazement, for this November, Havana´s 500 anniversary brought up for many, a celebration never seen before. As it is the Cuban style, there were no limits for the party. The city was brought […]

Getting your graphic accents right

Getting Your Graphic Accents Right

The knowledge of how to place a graphic accent (Spanish accent) correctly when you write is one of the skills that take longer to be learned by Spanish native speakers as well as by non-Spanish speakers. So, do not be discouraged if you still do not use it correctly. We propose several “tricks” so you […]