5 common myths about cubans

5 common myths about cubans

In recent years, international events have made Cuba the topic of conversation around the world – but ironically the country remains one of the most misunderstood from a political, social and economic perspective. Here are five of the most common Cuban myths. All Cubans can dance This is probably the most famous myth about Cubans. […]

Visas and Cuba

visas cuba

The definitive guide to Cuban visas requirements What visas and approvals you need to travel to Cuba remains the most commonly asked question for people interested in visiting or studying in Cuba. Unfortunately, the answer is not as straight forward as it should ideally be. The first thing to do is to separate Cuban requirements […]

Why you can’t learn salsa without speaking a little Spanish

Why You Can’t Learn Salsa Without Speaking A Little Spanish

You may think that there is no relationship between salsa and Spanish. Most dance teachers know how to speak enough English to teach you the basics…but you would be wrong! Spanish and Latin dance are so intertwined that it is hard to imagine one without the other and by learning a little bit of Spanish […]

Ten Spanish survival phrases for a trip to Cuba

cuban phrases for tourists

If you are one of those who hate being a tourist out of place, this text is for you. With these ten phrases you can communicate with Cubans as if you were born on the island. Asere, ¿qué bolá?: This is the first Cuban phrase you have to learn. This is an expression that you […]

What is Cuban Spanish?

Cuban Spanish

There can be no doubt that Cuban Spanish is a very rich form of the language which has developed over countless centuries. As a Romance language, Spanish evolved from Latin and over time has incorporated numerous words from other languages, including Arab, English and French. The language we now know as Spanish is nothing but […]

Top 10 secret places where Cubans hang out in Havana

best places in havana

Top 10 secret places where Cubans hang out in Havana King Bar: This bar is known for being one of the first gay bars in the city, but it is not an exclusive place, it is visited by all those who want to dance and party. It has a wide range of tapas and spectacular […]

Learning Spanish in Cuba – things to know

things to know before learning spanish

If you are about to start learning Spanish in Cuba there are a couple of important things that you should know first that will make your learning experience a little easier. Cubans speak a little fast, but if you tell a Cuban that you do not understand what he is saying, he will try to […]

Five common mistakes in learning Spanish

common spanish mistakes

Whilst the study of Spanish might seem intuitive there are a number of common mistakes that often hold back even the best students. 1. Frustration at the inability to communicate from the very first class. Of course you want to be talking fluently from day one, but relax, speaking spanish takes time. Congratulate yourself for […]

Learning Spanish is easy

Learning Spanish Is Easy

Spanish vocabulary is actually less complex than you think. Just 1000 words make up 88% of the spoken language, and 3000 words make up 94% of the oral communication. So prioritise your vocabulary learning and you can be speaking Spanish in no time.

Tip #101 to learning Spanish – Experience your life from a Spanish perspective

Vintage Car Tour

Learning spanish can be easier if you follow some advices like these: – Change the display language on your computer to Spanish. – Get your news or celebrity gossip fix from Spanish-language magazines, newspapers and websites. – Check out Spanish-language podcasts and youtube videos on topics that already interest you. If you use Spanish to […]